The night emergency help and exchange performs a supportive street work for drug users in their environment. It provides, through a community-based approach, help, advice and first aid to the most precarious people, often in emergency situations. If families or relatives of these users formulate requests the association DUNE are also responding.

Le Comptoir Local Information and Prevention (CLIP) for needle exchanges (42, Chaussée de Forest-1060 Brussels, Mo to Fri 19-23h) represents a shelter as a basis for contact, prevention tips and harm reduction. This work is based on listening and is facilitated by the provision of sterile equipment, concrete and tangible objects on which the intervener may rely on to start a discussion. The objective is to arrive after this first approach and via networking, and to redirect such people out and to link them to an institution.

We are the only street team in Brussels acting specifically on drugs.
We work in the evenings and we are a device for help and exchanges after the closure of care services and pharmacies. We are in contact with active drug users who can not manage their consumption. We discuss with them the issue of reducing the harm associated with the consumption and support them to go to places that can help them.

Our tools are : a concrete offer sterile equipment, small street clinic, listening and dialogue.


E-Mail : info(@)dune-asbl.be
Website : http://www.dune-asbl.be
Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/duneasbl

Siège social et le CLIP (comptoir de réduction des risques)
Dune vzw
Avenue Henri Jaspar 124
1060 Saint-Gilles
Phone : 02 503 29 7

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