FARES (Respiratory Diseases Fund), formerly the Foundation against Respiratory Diseases and the Health Education is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the prevention of smoking, prevention and monitoring of tuberculosis and chronic respiratory diseases.

FARES has two services. The first target respiratory infections in social activities while the second is the promotion of tobacco related health and smoking prevention.

The Department of Respiratory consists of a central unit based in Brussels and several sectors of units in Wallonia and Brussels.

As part of tuberculosis:

  • to ensure epidemiological surveillance in the French Community;
  • organize and / or coordinate the testing (tuberculin skin test or chest X-ray), especially in the entourage of patients and in groups at risk of TB;
  • ensure socioprophylaxie;
  • to provide, on demand, patient monitoring awareness;
  • informing different audiences and train health professionals involved with the problem.

As part of other respiratory conditions (asthma, COPD):

  • to inform the general public and relays;
  • monitor patients on oxygen therapy in the long term at home;
  • analyze the housing environment in asthma patients and to provide foreclosure advice.

The department also includes a documentation center about asthma

The Smoking Prevention Department is developing several aspects of smoking prevention:

  • Health promotion: a smoking prevention program for young people;
  • Equip relay professionals in the Walloon Region;
  • An aid to smoking cessation program for pregnant women and their partners;
    network coordination “Hospitals without Tobacco”;
  • Representation in networks, international, national and regional;
  • Continuous training (training in motivational interviewing; Interuniversity training in tobacco control; training midwives “tobacco and pregnancy”);
  • platforms of exchange and information (a directory in smoking cessation; a newsletter “smoking cessation practice”);
  • Management / smoking cessation;
  • Coordination and consultations CAF®;
  • A documentary reference center and a library.


FARES asbl
Rue Haute 807A (entrée 290)
1000 Bruxelles
Phone : 02 /512 29 36
Fax : 02 /512 32 73
E-mail: information(@)fares.be
Website: http://www.fares.be/

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