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Since its founding in 1968, the Centre Chapelle-aux-Champs has put at the heart of its work ethics of the subject leading to favor the encounter, always singular, with suffering patients at some point in their existential journey. Together, the Centre has set itself the aim of exploring multiple facets of these plural suffering (psychological, family, social) as well as therapeutic modalities to provide response to it. Hence the close entanglement between clinical, training and research deployed by clinicians who work there.

The Chapelle-aux-Champs Centre works closely with the Mental Health Services Le Chien Vert and Le Méridien, the three entities are part of a common structure named Mental Health Service UCL-BXL. At the problem of addiction, the Chapelle-aux-Champs Centre therefore offers clinical support for users as well as training seminars for accredited professionals.

The Clinical Unit of addictions is particularly concerned with psychiatric consultations, psychological counseling, psychotherapy and psychoanalysis and social monitoring of users. This service therefore offers therapeutic assistance to anyone with an addiction (alcohol, drugs, medications …). Support is also offered to those around: parents, spouse, children, siblings. An awareness of the problem of addictions might be organized by a team member during presentations or seminars in companies, universities, family planning centers … A group of parents of children with eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia) is organized every fortnight.

The Unit also offers titles meetings-seminars cycles “Midday Wednesday of addiction.” These seminars, given in the mental health center Chapelle-aux-Champs, are held once a month and are led by speakers from the Addiction sector. You can find the program in the schedule of activities


UCL – Unité Clinique des assuétudes et des dépendances
Centre Chapelle-aux-Champs asbl
Clos Chapelle-aux-Champs, 30 bte 3026
1200 Brussels
Phone : 02 / 764 31 20
Fax : 02 / 764 39 55
E-mail : fleur.laloux(@)apsyucl.be
Website : http://www.chapelle-aux-champs.be/

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