Working Groups

FEDITO BXL supports the organisation of thematic working groups. These working groups are intersectorial, but open and connected to other sectors (prisons, mental health, vulnerability, …).

Working Group Care

The Working Group Care collects actors that are specialized in the approach of addicted patients.

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Working Group Risk Reduction

The Working Group Harm Reduction brings together professionals who, together, want a better recognition of risk reduction.

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Working Group Low Threshold

The Working Group Low Threshold wants to, amongst other things, assure a better approach of vulnerable groups, it also want to improve orientation and the continuation of care, the support of new approaches, available for every one (assistance, housing first, risk reducing user rooms, …).

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Working Group Prevention

The Working Group Prevention collects actors from all across the field of prevention, access to information and raising awareness of liaising actors (schools, educators, professionals, …).

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Working Group Prisons

The Working Group Prisons is supported by and organised from FEDITO BXL. It is composed of Services Active in the Drug Sector (SAT), with action fields such as health, prevention, housing, risk reduction, orientation and information, …

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