Electronic Music Scene Survey (EMSS) survey

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The Electronic Music Scene Survey, or “EMSS”, is part of a wider research project called ALAMA-Nightlife. ALAMA aims to further the understanding of nightlife behaviour, specifically that in the dance/electronic music scene in five European countries: UK, the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden and Italy. ALAMA is funded by ERANID

Previous research often asks clubbers, festival and party-goers to fill in a survey just once, making it difficult to make inferences about what factors contribute to changes in nightlife behaviour. In the EMS Survey we will ask participants to fill in one survey now, and a second survey after one year. By investigating changes in nightlife behaviour and subsequent substance use, we will be filling an important gap in the current knowledge base. This is vital in order to better inform policy and healthcare decisions, and ultimately to make it safer for people who use alcohol and/or other drugs when going out.

More info :  Website and survey

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