Call for Chapters ESSD Book 2019

Onze verontschuldigingen, dit bericht is alleen beschikbaar in english.

The European Society for Social Drug Research (ESSD) wishes to continue a fruitful tradition and, as in previous years, will publish a peer-reviewed book.

Inspired by the presentations and discussions at the 2018 annual ESSD conference in Budapest, the theme of the book is: WHY? EXPLANATIONS FOR DRUG USE AND DRUG DEALING IN SOCIAL DRUG RESEARCH

One of the most common questions in debates about drugs is: why do people use drugs? In search for answers, social drug researchers look at individual motives, the role of peers and/or structural factors, such as socio-economic conditions, dynamics at the supply side of the drug market, and drug policy.

We are interested in chapters on empirical studies, theory and critical reflections related to one or more of the following topics:

  • Drug use and drug users: motives for and against the use of drugs in general or particular drugs; why people use or not use traditional and/or novel drugs; why particular groups turn to or continue to use certain substances over others; why particular groups refrain from using or discontinue to use certain substances; similarities and differences in motives for use or non-use between drug user populations; the role of pleasure-seeking; the role of peers and the socio-economic environment; drug use among marginalised users as a survival strategy.
  • Drug markets: why some types of drugs are more prevalent in some regional or national markets than in other regions or countries; why some users evolve into dealers, and others don’t; why users turn to or prefer certain types of online or offline markets; user’s motives for sourcing drugs through delivery services; motives for drug dealing; careers and identity-building in drug dealing; role of trust between buyer and seller in online and offline markets.
  • Drug policy: why different substances have different symbolic functions; why civil organisations do (not) play a role in drug policy; why European drug policy has (not) changed over the years; drug market dynamics in relation to changes in legislation; the role of drugs in the framing of groups and places/setting; interpretative drug policy analysis; legislative/policy changes affecting availability and/or use; policing and harm reduction.
  • Drug research: why different methods are employed to research different aspects of drug use, drug markets and drug policy.

Please send your outline no later than Wednesday, November 21, 2018 to essd.research(@)

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In the latest peer-reviewed ESSD book, entitled Place, space and time in European drug use, markets and policy, contributors from across Europe focus on different aspects of the drug problem in different countries and different contexts.

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