Réseau Hépatite C Bruxelles



The Hepatitis C Network – Brussels is active in raising awareness, prevention, harm reduction for all those affected, or likely to be reached by hepatitis C.

It seeks to promote cooperation and global problems of hepatitis C and works with a multitude of partners to better prevent, inform and support the difficulties of Hepatitis C. The Network address priority to drug users and the weakened public in general (undocumented, homeless, insecure …)

Its service provides personalized social support to all people living with HIV significantly improving their compliance in the different stages of the Hepatitis C healing process (of the indictment until recovery post-treatment).


Réseau Hépatite C asbl
rue Haute 22
1000 Brussels
Phone : 02/506 70 92
Fax : 02/506 70 83
E-Mail : info(@)reseauhepatitec.be
Website : http://reseauhepatitec.be/