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The Enaden medical center specializes in the treatment, monitoring and rehabilitation of people with an addiction to alcohol or drugs. The institution consists of two outpatient consultation units to consumers and / or their environment (family, spouse, …), a day center, a crisis center and a center for short stay. Consultations are by appointment, but emergencies are always welcomed: physical, psychiatric problems … the types of support are adapted to the user profile (social, medical and social, and medical or psychological, or social and psychological, or finally the three disciplines).

An important part of the study population identifies itself as “addict” while presenting, in addition abusive consumption, psychiatric problems. Enaden specializes in monitoring these patients designated as the term dual diagnosis (substance abuse and psychiatric disorders: psychosis, anxiety or depression) and manifesting a great social disintegration. An accompanying labor and human rehabilitation is carried out, sometimes over the long term.

A specific project is mobility: patients’ followings are made where they are: prison, hospitals, other units Enaden (Crisis Accommodation, Short Stay Accommodation and Day Centre) …

Outpatient unit
Chaussée de Gand 1022 / 1082 Brussels / Phone : 02/465 64 96 (permanence téléphonique 24h/24)

The Ambulatory Unit welcomes anyone with difficulties of existence related to drugs, alcohol and drugs, and his entourage.

It is also aimed at health professionals, education, justice and social services face the issues and challenges they face with drug users.

A medical consultation is open and supports the outpatient detoxification and substitution treatment, and any health issues that may occur during this medical care (HIV, hepatitis, …).

The team provides support and guidance in social processes (mutuelle, CPAS, unemployment, job search …). Faced with personal challenges, it proposes to seek solutions, to undertake psychotherapy.

The consultation is open to families and friends of drug users who want to be helped.

The unit provides monitoring and support in connection with legal constraints measures, whether alternatives to detention, criminal mediation, parole and order of the juvenile court. The team operates, on demand, in prison (Saint-Gilles and Forest) and in the hospital.

The team responds to questions of information concerning all drugs, alcohol and drugs, as well as inquiries concerning specialized services or not.

The team also travels to schools, health centers, institutions, for meetings, supervision and training.

Crisis Accommodation unit :
Rue Saint-Bernard 114 / 1060 Brussels / Phone : 02/534 58 73 (Hotline 24/24 )

The Crisis Accommodation Unit provides temporary shelter, a possibility to be hosted for a period of fifteen days and possibly tradable renewable.

Short Stay Accommodation Unit :
Chaussée de Gand, 1020-1022 / 1080 Bruxelles / Tél : 02/465 63 90 (Hotline 24/24)

The Short Stay Accommodation Unit caters for a maximum three-month stay of persons weaned (drugs, alcohol) or in substitution treatment stabilized. The current medical treatment does not prevent the participation to groups and activities.

It is for those for whom a sheltering in accommodation is necessary to take stock, to step back, open new questions, find landmarks.

The stay is based on a community. A psycho-socio-medical team provides leadership to the collective life, groups and activities, as well as individual follow. Each resident has responsibilities in the community, both for household chores in the group life.

Day Centre unit
Van Volxem Avenue, 168/1190 Brussels / Phone : 02/644 55 72

The Day Center is open daily from 9h to 17h, except for weekends and holidays.
People may attend the long term. They come there, as necessary, full-time or part-time, while maintaining integration in their usual places of life.

The team will provide a place for shelter to people who feel not being able to organize themselves, their days. It offers them guidance and the opportunity to participate in community life, activities, sports and culture, and group workshops.
These soothing and socializing functions of the institution, associated with a questioning of the meaning of the holiday, favor, for these people, the development and research of new personal solutions from the perspective of a return to life.

The Day Center is for those for whom ambulatory care is insufficient and does not require taking residential or hospital care.

Contact (Headquarters)

Centre Médical Enaden
Rue Saint-Bernard, 114
1060 Brussels
Phone. : 02/534 63 73 (hotline 24h/24)
Fax : 02/534 53 94
Mail : centre.medical.enaden(@)enaden.be
Website : http://www.enaden.be/



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