Modus Vivendi



Modus Vivendi implements any action to prevent risks and damage (addiction, harm, transmission of AIDS, hepatitis, …) related to the use of legal and illegal drugs through education and empowerment of users. To this end, the association set up, alone or in partnership, a series of information, training and prevention for users, professionals brought to face these questions, and more generally to anyone interested in the issue.

The association publishes and distributes various product brochures (cannabis, alcohol, ecstasy, hepatitis,…), their effects and safety rules to follow when using. Modus Vivendi is coordinating the project “Stérifix” which aims to distribute a kit consisting of injection equipment and safety procedures in pharmacies. It organizes “Snowballs” operations whose principle is disseminating safety information to users in a series of place conducive to consumption (party scene, prisons).

Modus Fiesta, located at 130 rue Van Artevelde (Modus Fiesta) is a place of information and reorientation specifically designed for users of synthetic drugs (XTC, amphetamines). During the permanence users can find confidential information on the products, a useful address book and listen carefully.


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